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Skin Resurfacing & Revitalization

Jasmina Kozarev MD PhD


Deep Fractional RF


Skin Resurfacing & Revitalization


Aura is a fractional RF device, offering highly efficient, patient-tailored skin resurfacing. The device incorporates several innovative technological solutions, all intended to guarantee optimal clinical results while maintaining the utmost safety.

Multipolar RF system

This system cam deliver RF energy to deep layers of the skin. Focused and continues deep energy flow. Minimal surface energy flow eliminates the need for intense cooling. Totally safe and painless.

Comparison of bipolar vs. multipolar RF system. With bipolar device penetration of energy is shallow up to 1.5mm. In multipolar RF there is vertical flow of energy which penetrates up to 6mm depth. There is no surface heat between surface electrodes. The surface flow is only between the two middle electrodes.

Main benefits of intense multipolar RF is the ability to reach the deepest layers of the skin where collagen and elastin are.

The treatment increases the production of collagen and elastin, renews the fiber network in the skin and focuses on skin tightening and renewal.

The objective of deep fractional RF technology is to cause controlled thermal destruction in the skin, whose healing process will result in skin rejuvenation and remodeling.


Aura uses a specialized tip to deliver deep fractional RF energy into the skin. This energy targets both the epidermis (outer layer of skin) and dermis (inner layer of skin), stimulating the body’s natural collagen-producing mechanisms. As new collagen grows, the skin becomes firmer, smoother, and more youthful-looking.


Aura’s three different tip sizes allow for treatments to be customized to different areas.  


Tip of the needle is active, only                                      





Treatment objective

  • Tissue remodeling-skin rejuvenation

  • Shrinking enlarged pores

  • Tightening loose and sagging skin

  • Correcting uneven skin texture and tone

  • Blurring stretch marks

  • Restoring skin firmness and elasticity



Hemoglobin in epidermis in important for transmission of electromagentic energy


Thickness of epidermis is important factor of RF flow

Epidermis and dermis thickness of the six regions in micrometer in female and male face skin. Sculp, forehead, cheek, ear, upper lip and dorsum o the nose.

General Technique



Needle tip of the handpiece need to be in perpendicular passion to the skin



Overlap 30/40% including the rim


Gently Press: For thin areas (e.g. upper eyes, upper lips)


Firmly Press:  In general

Forcefully Press:  Thick or Fleshy Areas (e.g. Cheeks)



  • Skin Rejuvenation and Revitalization

  • Skin Tightening and Laxity

  • Wrinkles and Scars

  • Pigmentation Irregularities and Texture

Method by Site

Recommendations and rehabilitation after the treatment


  • Avoid aggressive beauty products and creams

  • Do not visit baths or saunas

  • Do not sunbath in the sun or in a tanning bed

  • Slight swelling and minor peeling may occur for 2 hours to 2 days

  • Use suncressn spf 50 +



The Results






4 Weeks from 1st treatment with an impressive reduction of:


  • Acne scarring

6 weeks after 2nd treatment with an impressive reduction of

  • Active acne

  • Acne scarring

4 weeks after 2nd treatment with an impressive reduction of:


  • Pigmented Acne Scars

4 weeks after 2nd treatment with an impressive reduction of:

  • Scarring

4 week after 1st treatment:


  • Preorbital wrinkles (Courtesy of Dr Kozarev)

4 week after 1st treatment:

- Face Rejuvenation (Courtesy of Dr Kozarev)

3 weeks after 1st treatment:

 - Face Rejuvenation (Courtesy of Dr Kozarev)

3 weeks after 1st treatment:

 - Face Rejuvenation (Courtesy of Dr Kozarev)

4 weeks after 1st treatment:

 - Vitiligo post trigeminal neuralgio (Courtesy of Dr Kozarev)

4 weeks after 1st treatment:

 - Lower Limb Tightening (Courtesy of Dr Kozarev)

4 weeks after 1st treatment:

 - Gluteal Tightening (Courtesy of Dr Kozarev)



  • Minimal to no pain and discomfort

  • Minimal to no downtime

  • Suitable for all skin types

  • Can be used on most body areas

  • Safe and effective

  •  Results continue to improve over time

  • Can be combine with other regenerative procedures

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